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"Innovative companies do not spend efforts to defend the past." Peter Drucker

Who we are

Peter Becker "Consulting in its best form is an act of love: the desire to genuinely be useful to others. To use what we know, or what we feel, or what we suffered along the way, to reduce someone else's burden."

Who We Are
SAFELAB main fields of action are technical consulting, implementation of management systems, supply of external services in the Labor Safety and Hygiene area and performance of acoustics and vibrations tests through its laboratory.
SAFELAB originated from the market need to find a business organization that worked according to strict policies of independence, impartiality, competence, confidentiality and professional ethics. 
In its recent history, SAFELAB has been recognized by the success achieved in the execution of several Investment Projects in different business areas within QREN, thus demonstrating a set of technical capabilities which have proven hard to find in the consulting market.
As indicated by its name, this is the image SAFELAB wants to portray: SAFE (secure, impartial) and LAB - Leader at Business. This is the way it intends to breathe new life and incentive traditional business sectors, such as Textiles and Clothing, Shoes, Cutlery, Furniture, Agriculture and Tourism, not forgetting the new economy sectors (Energy, Electronics, Advanced Health and Medicines, Recycling and Pollution Cleaning, Creativity Industry, Information and Communication Technology, Robotics, Environment).
With a young, polyvalent and multidisciplinary team, SAFELAB gathers highly specialized consultants/trainers, with significant experience in the definition, implementation and follow-up of solutions which contribute to business development, to an increase in the value chain, to the reinforcement of the competitiveness level and for the modernization and innovation of companies.