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"Innovative companies do not spend efforts to defend the past." Peter Drucker
As a consulting company, SAFELAB plays an important role in the creation and strengthening of an innovative and differentiated business function, alerting and introducing new management ideas based on techniques, tools and knowledge indispensable for a more professional and scientific business function. It's also its goal to promote a technological and financial framework which is favorable to the diversification of production, always keeping in mind environmental concerns and human resources appreciation.

SAFELAB's biggest value is its ability to combine aptitudes, competences and tools for the private sector with work experience in a vast and diverse context.

SAFELAB's Labor and Development model (TDS) provides its customers with a wide range of consulting services in the management and technology fields, supported by the organization's resources and established partnerships.

The TDS model develops solutions through a vast set of services oriented to each individual company and with the sole purpose of adding value to the customer, which can be identified, particularly, by it’s own brands SAFE PRO and SAFE FORM.