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"Innovative companies do not spend efforts to defend the past." Peter Drucker
Work starts with awareness sessions for the top management and is followed by an environment diagnosis of the organization; the activities of the company are described and related environment impact is identified, as well as legal and other applicable requisites, followed by the evaluation of the importance of the environment impacts. The next stage is to help the organization to define the Environmental Policy and an Environment Management Program to manage all important impacts. Simultaneously we begin to define the overall document system (environment manual, procedures for operational control and emergency management, measuring, monitoring and calibration procedures), always in a joint collaboration with the operational responsible people. The whole process is followed throughout by awareness actions among the employees and by site consulting work, so as to build a quality system that is practical and according to the real needs of the company, with the aim of achieving continuous improvement and quality compliance according to the NP EN ISO 14001 standard.