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SAFELAB is accredited by ACT to provide external SHT services. To implement these services, SAFELAB follows a methodology based on the requisites of the OHSAS 18001/NP 4397 standards - Labor Safety and Health Management Systems which includes, among others, the following activities:
• Checking of the fulfillment of the applicable laws and standards;
• Identification of Dangers and Evaluation of Professional Risks;
• Quantitative Evaluation of the SHT parameters (physical, chemical and biological agents);
• Production and implementation of Prevention Plans;
• Production of Safety Instructions per Job Post;
• Production of disclosure and consultation procedures for workers within the SHT;
• Production of procedures for handling accident situations;
• Statistical Analysis of Accidents;
• Production and implementation of Emergency Plans (and corresponding training and exercises);
• Support in the performance of Simulations;
• Training about SHT procedures, namely Best Practices for work;
• Performance of internal follow-up audits, checking the achievement of the goals defined in terms of SHT;
• Production of the annual activities report of the SHT Service.